Why you shouldn’t forget about your coffee, but drink it as fast as you can?

Coffee is one of the most popular hot beverages consumed every day all over the world. For some people drinking coffee is like a ritual, for some, it is a way of boosting the energy throughout the day and for others, it is a perfect choice during the first date. It is not surprising because who doesn’t like the scent of freshly brewed coffee in the morning?

The debate on the impact of coffee on the human organism is going on for a while now. In an appropriate dose, coffee can be considered a beneficial source of antioxidants. We decided that, since we work so much with free radicals we could show you the information we learned after we looked more closely inside our cups.

How many times did you make yourself a coffee at work or at home and then forget about it? We wanted to see if the antioxidant properties of coffee change after some time, and when it is the best time to drink it.

We performed a simple experiment with our L-Band spectrometer. Easy access to the measured area, as well as straight-froward sample preparation, let us do the experiment during… well… a coffee break (who would expect that, right? ?).

We compared the antioxidant capacity of the freshly brewed coffee with the coffee 1 hour after brewing. It appears that freshly brewed coffee has about 30% better antioxidant properties than the beverage that was tested later.

antioxidants in the coffee

We can’t wait to see other results. We think that comparing different types of coffee would be very interesting, to see how the brewing temperature can affect the antioxidant properties, how the antioxidant capacity impacts the taste. If you would be interested in carrying out those types of experiments let us know and we will discover the secrets of coffee together!

Cheers! ☕☕☕

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