ERI DUO System

Imaging and Spectroscopy in One Device

Two Modules in One Device

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The ERI DUO system is intended for the imaging small laboratory rodents and high-loss water samples. It allows you to perform 3D and 4D imaging with a superb temporal resolution. The device provides unique information on the tissue microenvironment, including mapping of pO2, pH, PI, redox state and biodistribution of the paramagnetic substances.
• Bore size: 34 mm
• Resonance frequency:575 MHz
• Gradient strength 1,3 mT/cm (13 G/cm)


The Spectroscopy mode of the ERI DUO System operates in L-band frequency (1.15GHz). This frequency is optimal for the study of biological samples and does not affect their internal structure and ensures survivability. The resonator is designed to detect EPR signals in-vivo. It is suitable for collecting EPR signals from viable models such as zebrafish embryos or laboratory rodents.
• Surface resonator: diameter of 8 mm
• Maximum power 125mW
• Space between the magnets up to 6cm
• Resonance frequency: 1150 Mhz
• Sampling rate 80 MS/s with 16-bit resolution

Technical Specifications

Introducing the EPR DUO System specifically designed for low-frequency EPR imaging and spectroscopy measurements. See Specification Notes

ERI DUO System novilet

General Specifications

  • Main magnet strength: 22mT
  • Modulation amplitude: 5 mT (50G)
  • 16 A type C, 3-power supply
  • Main Tower: H135 x W 73 X D63 com
  • Cooling System: W110 x D84 x H180
  • Minimum Space Requirements: 6m2

Two resonators for double research possibilities

volume resonator ERI DUO system

Volume Resonator

The measurement area is up to 34 mm in diameter, which allows whole-body mouse examination. The spatial resolution of up to 600µm ensures the best quality of image captures.

The arm positioning system is designed to precisely set and hold the position of the sample throughout the entire measurement

novilet Surface Coil Resonator

Surface Coil Resonator

A surface resonator with a diameter of 8 mm enables detecting great quality signals from the objects ranging from Zebrafish embryos up to small rabbits.

novilet Surface Coil Resonator
ERI Duo System. All Equipment

1 Animal's Bed

The bed is temperature-controlled by integrated hot-air channels (construction prevents the side effect of the open airflow (dehydration of the eyes, contamination by pathogens). It is equipped with built-in integrated tubes for easy anaesthetic dose ended with a cone-shaped mouse head positioning system

2 Arm Positioning System

The arm positioning system is designed to precisely set and hold the position of the sample throughout the entire measurement

3 Temperature Control Unit

Accessory dedicated to animal measurements, which operates within a temperature range of 25oC – 40oC

4 Main Control Unit

Mobile desk with user-friendly software for easy data acquisition and analysing

5 Cooling System

We designed our own cooling system that allows maintaining stable temperature during the entire measurement process with the accuracy of 0,04 oC

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