From an unapired electron to an image

The potential of Electron Resonance Imaging- the future of preclinical studies

Our experts will let you discover new possibilities in preclinical imaging. You will see in-vivo applications of Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Imaging (EPRI). Find out in which areas you can use this technique.

                 Since EPR can be performed in 3D (EPRI) the imaging of oxygen, redox status, or even pH becomes possible. So far, EPR imaging was developed only in the academic domain. We would like to introduce a new solution for the preclinical application of EPRI called Electron-Resonance-Imaging (ERI). It allows researchers to use the potential of EPRI in their studies. The ERI solution opens new possibilities and gives endless ideas for its application in today’s preclinical studies.
                 To spread the news about ERI we prepared a cycle of webinars. During our lectures, we will familiarize you with ERI, and how it is involved in the hands of our experts. We wish to share with you our passion for science and inspire you to discover new possibilities in preclinical imaging.


did it all start? Learn about the research potential of ERI


is measurable and which parameters can be obtained with our device?


is measurable and which parameters can be obtained with our device?


ERI gives you possibility to discover new research areas. Find the ideas for new studies! 

What is Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR)? Journey through research projects and publications. What has happened from 1944 until now?

During this presentation, you will learn about the history of Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR), how the equipment developed through times and what obstacles must have been overcome to create a commercially used imager. You will hear about interesting research and projects carried by the world’s most famous scientists. See in which areas EPR was used and in which direction it is going right now.

ERI tomograph the solution that allows you to maximize the potential of EPR in your studies

 Our third webinar will introduce our device- the ERI tomograph. We will show you how does it work, explain all the features and show examples of in-vivo applications. We will demonstrate how easily you can use it to measure the absolute value of oxygen level, pH, redox state and organic phosphorus. See for yourself about the research potential of ERI, and discover how our method can be complementary to the present ones. Reveal how combining the results may give you possibilities that you have never had before.

Dynamic 3D ERI measurements

Our last webinar will focus on the results and projects that were carried with our device. We will show in which fields you can use ERI and what information has been gathered during the imaging process. We would like to show you the dynamic imaging of the spin probe, redox dynamic as well as 4D tumour Oximetry.

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