L-Band Spectrometer

Low Frequency with High-Sensitivity

L-Band Spectrometer Novilet

General Specifications

  • Main magnet strength 2,2 mT
  • Modulation amplitude up to 5 mT (50 G)
  • Surface resonator: diameter of 8 mm
  • Resonance frequency: 1150 MHz
  • Sampling rate: 80 MS/s with 16-bit resolution

Dimentions and space requirements

  • Main tower: H135xW73xD63cm
  • Cooling tower: W110 x D84 x H180
  • Minimum space requirements: 6 m2
  • 16A type C, 3-phase power supply

Technical Specifications

We would like to present the L-Band Spectrometer designed specifically for low frequency EPR measurements. The surface resonator with a diameter of 8 mm is capable to detect good quality signals from biological samples containing high water level. See the specification notes below

Signal analysis: multiharmonic analysis (MultiRec), Direct detection (MultiQ), possibility of reducing the modulation amplitude after the measurement

The optimization of the electronic systems allows detection of even 100pmol of the liquid nitroxyl spin probe.

The low resonance frequency, high sensitivity and the possibility of measuring bigger objects

Due to the low frequencies, the measurements do not destroy sample structure objects 

Due to the use of a low magnetic field, the device does not require any unique infrastructure such as a Faraday cage or a particular room

L-band sensitivity


The device is capable of detecting EPR signals from a 100 pmol (1013 spins) nitroxide spin probe within a few seconds. With such sensitivity, it is suitable for the measurements of the dynamics from live organisms with a high temporal resolution.

L-Band Spectrometer Novilet

Set of Equipment

To make life easier our systems are delivered with a complete set of equipment. In the standard configuration, the user will be provided with a cooling station, desk and dedicated software for data analysis. On special demand, there is an option to adjust the system specifically to in-vivo studies with the special positioning arm and bed-temperature control unit.

Accessories for In-vivo Spectroscopy

L-Band Resonator novilet

Positioning arm

An optional accessory that is designed to hold the precise position of the sample or an animal throughout the measurement

Bed temperature control unit

An optional accessory dedicated for animal measurements, which operates within a temperature range of 25oC – 40oC. Its construction prevents the side effect of an open airflow such as the dehydration of the eyes or the contamination by pathogens

l-band accesories novilet

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