EPR Imaging & Spectroscopy

ERI TM 600 Novilet


The ERI TM 600, as the world’s only scanner, enables the whole-body 3D imaging of oxygen levels, redox state, oxidative stress, ROS and pH in living organisms.

L-Band Spectrometer Novilet

L-Band Spectrometer

L- band EPR spectroscopy for low-frequency EPR measurements. It is a perfect solution to carry out experiments on the aqueous samples. Easy-access alllows placing big objects inside the measured area.

ERI DUO System novilet

ERI Duo System

The unlimited potential of imaging and spectroscopy in one device. ERI TM Duo System is a powerful preclinical tool, that can be applied in many research areas



eSPECT+ is the world’s only solution to quickly increase the sensitivity of your X-Band Spectrometer.

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