Technical specifications

General Specifications
  • Sampling speed 80MS/s
  • 16-bit analog-digital converter 

Detection of weak EPR signals by enhancing 
over-modulated shape of the spectrum

Up to 100-fold improvement of the signal-to-noise ratio. The significant increase of sensitivity threshold of the measurement.

Detection of up to 1000 harmonics (80Mhz - bandwidth, 10 kHz - modulation).

The ability to reduce the amplitude of the second modulation in the recorded spectrum after taking a measurement.

Noise control - reproduction of the spectrum regardless of noise background.

Dedicated software. Detection of dispersion and absorption spectrum.

Triggering of the sygnal in an automatic or a manual way.

Possibility to choose the software for signal analysis - original or eSPECT+.

Dedicated to all EPR/ESR spectrometers.