Boost your EPR research with eSPECT+

The world's only solution to quickly increase the S/N Ratio in X-Band Spectrometer

improved sensitivity ● high S/N Ratio ● increased sensitivity ● perfect solution for detecting weak signals

Improve EPR signal form this

To that

Unlock your research potential

With the eSPECT+ Expansion module, the new era of EPR Spectroscopy is within your reach!


Receive Better Results

With the eSPECT+ you can get 10, 100 or even 1000 times better S/N Ratio, which will allow you to acquire weak signals and examine lossy samples. You will also improve the results for the standard solid samples


Save Time

You can decrease the time of the signal accumulation the receive even better results than before


Wider Range Of Measurements

With the multiharmonic analyser you can perform research on lossy samples and with high water concentrations of water, therefore you will be able to safely examine living objects.


Quick Solution

In most cases, we are able to plug the eSPECT+ into your spectrometer in less than an hour, with the short training you can start your research the same day

See the results of eSPECT+ expansion module

Low Tempo Concentration

Low S/N Ratio


High Tempo Concentration

High S/N Ratio


Compatible with commercially available spectrometers!

We use a proprietary method of multiharmonic analysis combined with a noise suppression technique, which gives an unprecedented increase in the sensitivity of measured signals.

Our multiharmonic analyser gives you a great opportunity to upgrade your current X-Band Spectrometer in an easy and quick way. eSPECT + is compatible with most commercially available spectrometers.

If you have any other spectrometer, or maybe your own design, and still would like to use our multiharmonic analyser, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are always open to all discussions and we will do our best to find the best solution to meet your needs.

X Band Spectrometer

X Band Spectrometer and eSPECT+

Classic CW Signal

Classic CW Signal

X Band Spectrometer and eSPECT+

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